Doctor Li

Dr. Wenliang tried to warn us about the danger of a new virus. Unfortunately he passed away from COVID-19 himself before the Chinese government realized he was raising alarm for an upcoming pandemic. COVID-19 is now spreading across the globe at a threatening pace. Only good preparation can help your country flaitten the curve and prevent a large death toll. In order to counter the crisis you will need sufficient hospital capacity, effective leadership and social distancing. This game is a race of honor to use your country’s advantages and wit to deal with upcoming circumstances and be the first country to be prepared for the pandemic to come.

Start of the game

Two decks of cards are shuffled separately and placed in 2 piles accessible to all players:

Stack 1: Category cards (hospital capacity, effective leadership and social distancing cards + 6 wild cards)

Stack 2: Action cards (all other cards)

Every player starts with 4 category cards in their hands.  The player with a birth date closest to November 17 (when the first case of Corona was identified) may start.

Objective of the game

The last round of the game is played when one player has put down all the three categories. In other words, after one player has put down all 3 categories, all other players still get to play one more turn.


A player can put down a category (hospital capacity, effective leadership or social distancing) when (s)he has a minimum of 3 different cards of one specific category (bearing same color and logo) that the player can put down in 1 turn. This means a player can put down a category of 3 cards (worth 1 point) or 4 cards (worth 2 points) during his or her turn.


After the last round is played:

* The player who put down all three categories first gets a bonus of 1 point

* 1 point is awarded to each player for every category of 3 different cards,

* and 2 points are awarded for every completed category of 4 different cards The player with the highest score wins. If there is a draw, the game continues until one of the players manages to achieve a winning score. 

How to play a turn

1.  The player picks up the top card from the category pile OR the top card of the category discard pile next to it and takes it up into his/her hand without showing the others

2. The player picks up the top card from the action card pile and places it face up on top of the discard pile for action cards next to it. * If the card has a logo on the top left corner, the player can pick up the card into his/her hand and play   during this turn or subsequent turns * If the card is an ‘aggravating circumstances’ or ‘a little boost’ card the consequences apply immediately   to the player who turned the card. * If the card is a ‘hoarding’ or ‘epidemic spread card’, the card applies to all players and all players are required to respond immediately. Any player that fails to respond immediately suffers the consequences of e pidemic spread or hoarding (see special cards and rules).

3. A player now has the chance to play any remaining cards of choice from his/her hand, put down categories of 3 or 4 cards face up. If the player has put down a category, any other player(s) can now play an ‘Oh I got this’ card that force the player whose turn it is to discard one card of choice of the played hand in the discard pile and take the remaining cards of the category back into their hand. Unless,   The player can still complete the category with other cards from his/her hand OR the player has another ‘Oh I got this’ card which annihilates the previous one.

4. If no more players want to throw additional ‘I didn’t think so’ cards and the category is still complete or can be completed with (an)other card(s) that the player whose turn it is has in his/her hand, the category is now considered ‘put down’ and cannot be taken away for the rest of the game. The next player can now start his/her turn. * For practical purposes, when a player puts down a category of 3 cards he stacks them in front of him/her in way that all three cards can be counted, if a category of 4 cards is put down, the category is closed.

Special cards and rules

Category cards: can be recognized by their logo in the top right color indicating the category they belong to. * 2 cards from the same category can be discarded by a player during his/her turn to fish a card from the   hand of a player of their choice. * 4 cards from the same category can be discarded by a player during his/her turn to pick up   one card of choice from the discard pile.

‘Epidemic spread’ and ‘hoarding’ cards:

When turned, ‘epidemic spread’ and ‘hoarding cards’ apply to all players immediately after the card has been turned.

epidemic spread

when an epidemic spread card is turned, every player must discard one card of each category or discard a ‘flat curve’ card.  Every player that is unable to do so must discard his/her full hand. (Categories that are considered ‘put down’ stay in place.)


When a hoarding card is turned, resources in your nation become scarce and every  player who has morethan 5 cards (so 6 cards and up) must discard half of their hand rounded up. (So if you have 11 cards in your hand an hoarding card is played, you must discard 6 cards of choice of your hand.)

‘A Little Boost’ and ‘Aggravating circumstances’

cards take immediate effect when turned and apply only to the player who turned the card.

A Little Boost

allows you to draw 1 (indicated as +1) or 2 (indicated as +2) cards from the category pile.

Aggravating circumstances

Requires you to discard a number of cards from your hand to the discard pile according to conditions indicated on the card. 

'Well that sucks'

cards are  picked up in the hand of the player who turned them and can be played immediately or later in the game during a turn to another player. When played, the receiving player needs to give the player who imposed the card cards as described on the specific card unless the affected player can counter the effects of the card with an ‘Oh I Got This’ card. 

'Oh I got this’

cards are the only cards that can be played outside of one’s turn to prevent another player from putting down a category. During a player’s turn, the ‘Oh I got this’ card can be used to deflect an aggravating circumstances card or to defend your nation against an ‘Oh I got this’ card played to you by another player. 

Special cards and rules

Flat curve

Can be played to deflect effects of an Epidemic Spread.

Wild cards

Can be used to represent any category card of the categories of which it bears the color and logo.

Light point 

Allows you to go through the discard piles and pick up any card of choice

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