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People ask me sometimes: "Why a snail?" I just answer: "Why not? I just like to draw them. You have all the time before they run away." 
The about me page…I thought a lot about this page. Because it makes me a little bit uncountable to write about myself. So I’m going to keep this short. If you know me personally you already know that I don’t have the most interesting life. Everything did go like planned. I graduated from secondary school in 2015 and got my bachelor's degree in 2019.  
But there is something interesting that I want to share with you. I always struggle with describing which style of music I make. It’s something between pop and jazz. Some people say it’s soul, others say live electronics and some of you say it’s hip-hop.
To be honest I still haven’t figured it out but there is something I discovered not that long ago about my music. The key that brings every song together: the lyrics. All my songs are about feeling empathy for each other. So if people ask me so what is your music about?
I say it’s about the message.
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