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Davide and Lorenzo, the electronic duo TypPo + oz’n’roll, crossed paths during the Live Electronics Master program at the Antwerp Conservatory. Their shared passion for improvisation found fertile ground in this setting. Immersed in the world of coding, Lorenzo channels his creativity into visuals, while Davide crafts musical landscapes. Their performances seamlessly blend electronic sounds and experimental imagery, using SonicPi and Hydra for live-coding. There's no hierarchy; sound and visuals dance together, synced externally, reminiscent of a spontaneous jazz dialogue. Coding empowers them with unmatched freedom and enhances their creative workflow.

Their performances begin with a blank canvas, inviting unexpected outcomes each time. Their concept is intimate; they mingle among the audience or position them around, inviting clear observation and shared experiences. This inclusive approach appeals to audiences of all ages, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

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